Private Equity Investment Potential in Indonesia

ndonesia is also known as “The Emerald of the Equator”. The nickname comes from the archipelago’s natural and cultural wealth. The industrial country majors in industries like petroleum and natural gas, textiles, jewelry, tourism, automotive, mining, and palm oil, to name a few. Financial specialists expect Indonesia to reach rank 7 in economic power by the year 2030.

Foreign investment is seeing numerous opportunities in Indonesia, especially in the private equity sector. There had been many changes in Indonesia’s economy, not only through government roots but also causes from the private sector.
Notable examples are Alibaba, who made a 1.1 billion dollar investment in Tokopedia last August 2017, and Go-Jek, who raised 1.2 billion dollars in 2017 as well as developed a new fintech solution gateway dubbed as Go-Pay. You can free download the The Private Equity Indonesia Summit from the link.

Indonesia’s government opened up the country’s general hospital sector. When specialist hospitals used to be the only investment gateway in this area before, foreign investment opportunities are opening up from the changes. In fact, investments reached $14.3 million within the first half of 2017. Major investors included US, South Korea, and the Netherlands.

The general hospital sector wasn’t the only one in the healthcare industry that opened to foreign investment either. The medical device sector also welcomed such investments, with numerous new companies popping up in Indonesia with a total direct investment of $343 million.
Traditional banking in Indonesia had been low in demand as many Indonesians opt not to own bank accounts. On the other hand, fintech is being encouraged in the landscape of the country – the Indonesian Central Bank lightened its regulatory conditions in fintech to promote this.

The Private Equity Indonesia Summit 2010 was one of the many functions that evaluated and promoted the rise of private equity investments in Indonesia. Business leaders, academe representatives, and international experts alike participated in The Private Equity Indonesia Summit 2010 for the sole purpose of finding the potential of private equity in the emerald of the equator.